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Global Business Practice

We effectively manage and timely execute critical global business projects spanning many operational areas and requiring international legal and tax strategies

The Firm’s Global Business Practice is deeply rooted in our international legal and cultural backgroundWe regularly serve Italian and foreign national investors or enterprises seeking to enter the North American marketplace. Our Firm is a proven, effective and dynamic bridge to successful business collaboration between the foreign enterprise and its North American counterpart.

Legal services encompass the full range of different North American market entry modalities from comparative tax planning strategies, establishment of indirect sales channels, to intellectual property licensing regimes, to joint ventures and direct onshore investment. In addition to its inbound foreign investment practice, our Global Business Practice also counsels U.S. based technology companies, from the early stage technology concern seeking investment capital to mature technology companies engaged in critical, intellectual property driven transactions.

Our Global Business Practice encompasses international mergers and acquisitions, North America market entry transactions and business investments, global sales channel and distribution schemes, cross border joint ventures and business alliances, international human resources, business immigration and and external general counsel services.

"We provide the full gamut of services pertaining to cross border M&As, investments and strategic international business transactions for global minded enterprises and their mobile workforce".

We have the ability to bridge cross border legal, cultural and business divide and a deep and abiding respect for the need to complete a complex interdisciplinary, cross border project within defined profitability parameters and with all attendant professionalism. It is the lifeblood of many international and technology concerns.

"We draw from our extensive experience in working on international acquisitions and strategic transactions to deliver crucial value to our clients and help them secure the success of the deal".

Areas of Practice

International Mergers and Acquisitions
Our lawyers have regularly participated in numerous and valuable cross border mergers & acquisitions within both public securities and private markets. Our services cover the entire range of M&A’s activities from the negotiation and drafting of Nondisclosure Agreements, Term Sheets and Memorandum of Understandings, conducting legal, contractual, tax and functional due diligence, negotiating and drafting Asset and Stock Purchase Transactions, Joint Ventures and Divestitures, as well as carrying out post- merger integration and legal management services.

We have extensive experience and an established tracking record working on international M&A deals
In any merger or acquisition transaction, the initial stage of negotiating and drafting nondisclosure agreements, letters of intent or memorandum of understanding cannot be overstated and should never be overlooked. Those binding legal agreements set the stage for the prosecution of the negotiations and play an important for the successful outcome of the transaction.

Each and every stage of an international acquisition, from the letter on intent to due diligence to the acquisition agreements drafting and negotiation, plays a crucial role for the success of the deal and should not be overlooked   
The next stage of legal and tax due diligence is equally important, in that it enables the buyer to properly identify, evaluate and manage the risks and any critical issues affecting the transaction before embarking in the actual negotiation of the terms of the contractual acquisition agreement.

Effective M&A due diligence requires real world business experience knowldge of the industry and ability to understand and properly evaluate the target's business and associated risks and critical legal issues 
In the drafting and negotiation of the acquisition agreement, every single word encapsulates a often crucial legal concept and requires critical attention and expertise. Representations and warranties, pre closing and post closing covenants, non compete and proprietary information clauses go to the heart of the deal, while arbitration, jurisdiction and choice of law provisions dictate the balance of power in case a dispute arises after the execution of the transaction.

In negotiating and drafting acquisition agreements, every word counts
Finally, post acquisition integration is where the “rubber meets the road” and proper legal and business management including drafting and executing post closing key employees agreements, preparing human resources compliance materials, setting up corporate governance documents and preparing similar legal documents is essential to assure the long term success of the investment.

Post acquisition integration is where the 'rubber meets the road'
Drawing from our past experience in working on a significant number of international acquisition agreement and strategic business transactions, we are in the ideal position to assist foreign buyers pursuing US targets or U.S. companies wishing to expand their international operations via acquisition of foreign companies.

Bridging cross border legal and cultural differences, knowledge of the client's industry, ability to understand the business and attention to the details are our key values for effective and successful handling an international M&A transaction
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