Outside General Counsel

We regularly serve as external general counsel for companies engaged in global business

We have extensive experience working as external general counsel for corporate clients, and have managed the entire spectrum of legal issues that are indigenous to multinational enterprises. We have managed not only global legal departments but external counsel as well and are well versed and have an abiding respect for the integrity of legal project budgets. We bring the same perspective to our clients’ projects and in many instances, we serve as external general counsel to foreign and domestic enterprises and are adept at selecting and managing, where necessary, additional law firm and other third party resources.

We regularly work as outside general counsel for our clients, helping them handle all their legal issues that may arise during the course of their business operations in the United States, from coordinating legal teams to handling specific legal matters and disputes, appointing, supervising and reviewing outside professionals and advisors, preparing, issuing and entering company records and resolutions, coordinating tax planning and financial accounting work.

Areas of Practice

Administration and Accounting
We select external accountants and help clients coordinate administration and accounting functions, from isuing invoices to clients, to keeping full and complete accounting books and ecords and generating properly drafted and compiled annual financial statements.