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A Boutique International Law Firm Advising Clients on International Legal And Tax Matters in Italy and the United States

Marco Q. Rossi & Associati is a boutique international law firm, based in Italy and the United States, with extensive experience in helping clients effectively handle global legal and tax matters.

With roots in Italy, where we operate our Italian international tax and business practice, we established our international presence in the United States with our New York office in 2005, and we have extended it to California in 2016. We now operate an international and US-Italy cross border tax practice linking the US to Italy and the EU. Our international presence, international background and exclusive focus on global legal and tax matters help us stay at the forefront of the field and deliver high-quality, value-for-money legal services on complex cross border transactions.

We use a professional services digital platform through which we work together from different locations and share our knowledge with our clients and team, while relying on our international legal background and expertise in order to effectively represent multinational enterprises, international families and global-minded individual clients in today's integrated and mobile world. Our practice is not chained to a specific physical location, rather, it operates borderessly throughout our active presence in Italy and the U.S., properly reflecting the international nature of our work and character of our clients.

 "With roots in Italy and international presence in the United States, we are a boutique international law firm providing high value legal advice on international tax and global legal matters for individual and business clients".
"Our international legal experience and background, strategic presence in Italy and the US and the use of a sophisticated digital platform, enable us to provide high-quality and valued-added legal and tax services on complex cross border legal matters in a globalized world".
Our Italian international tax practice focuses on strategic international tax advice for U.S. and foreign clients in Italy and Italian clients abroad. Our international legal and tax services and skill set have been seamlessly assimilated with our rapidly growing global business practice which touches all corners of the globe. Our International Tax Practice serves both individuals, families and companies with the full range of international tax planning, advice and compliance services on individual and commercial tax matters. Our Global Business Practice provides critical and timely legal analysis and support on strategic international legal projects, with particular emphasis on cross border mergers and acquisitions, North American market entry transactions, as well as global sales channels and distribution schemes, cross border business alliances, intellectual property related projects, international human resources and international business immigrations matters.

"We combine our International Tax and Global Business Practice into an integrated Global Law Firm, assisting our individual and business clients with international tax planning and advice and legal analysis, management and support on strategic cross border transactions".
In Italy, we operate an Italian and U.S.-Italy international tax and business practice adivising individual and private clients on legal, income, family and estate tax planning and management of their foreign investments; employees and executives on acquisition of business visas, transfer of tax residency and pre-expatriation or pre-immigration  tax  and  legal  planning; globally-minded families with international trust and estate planning, and  business  clients and multinational companies on all tax and legal planning of their international, Italian and U.S. business operations. In particular, we assist Italian and foreign companies that plan to enter the U.S. market or have established U.S. business activities with respect to all U.S. legal and tax issues pertaining to their U.S. business operation acting as outside legal counsel for the client

"Our Italian and US-Italy international business and tax practice assists foreign and U.S. clients on Italian tax and business matters and Italian clients on international and U.S. legal matters".
Marco Q. Rossi is an Italian and U.S. attorney and counselor at law and the founder and owner of the Firm. He founded MQR&A in Italy in 1998, brought it to New York in the United States in 2005, and expanded it to Los Angeles in 2016. He now divides his time between New York, Los Angeles and Italy. Marco graduated with a Master of Laws in International Taxation from the New York University School of Law and holds a law degree from the University of Genoa School of Law. He is licensed in Italy and the United States (New York and California). Marco is member of the International Fiscal Association and American Bar Association - Tax Section, Business Law Section and International Law Section. He lectures and speaks on international tax matters and publishes regularly on international tax magazines and journals.

MQR&A was founded in 1998 in Italy and expanded in the United States in 2005. It operates through its head office in New York and West Coast base in Los Angeles. In Italy it is based in Genoa and Milan

We believe in building bridges while working on international transactions and legal matters that span across different legal systems and moving throughout different business and cultural practices, and our mission is to partner with our clients (from public companies, to family owned multinationals, international families and individual private clients) to efficiently manage their cross border transactions and help them navigate the challenging waters of the global legal and business arena.
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