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How Do We Differentiate Ourselves and Provide Value To Our Clients?
Cutting Edge Technology Platform, International Experience, Exclusive Focus on International Matters
Marco Q. Rossi & Associati is an innovative, international boutique law firm designed to provide clients with effective management of critical international legal projects and strategic tax planning and advice on cross border transactions. We are adept at managing complex global legal programs spanning many operational areas and requiring effective international legal and tax strategies and executing them tactically.

We maintain and exclusive focus on international taxation and business law,
providing international legal and tax services on international matters to business and individual clients. Our firm operates through offices in Italy and the U.S., assisting individual and corporate clients engaged in international activities, operations and investments and advising them on complex international legal and tax transactions.

"We are a truly international boutique law firm focusing exclusively on international legal and tax matters and serving international businesses, families and individual clients".
Our cutting-edge legal service platform sets it apart as a truly innovative boutique global law firm of the 21st century, strategically positioned to effectively and professionally represent multinational enterprises, family-owned companies and international families and individual clients in today's globalized world. We purposely deploy a flat operational structure in order to provide value for money, high quality legal services. The Firm is connected to its partners and experts around the world through technology, utilizing sophisticated knowledge and information management systems. Its structure translates into our clientele receiving value for money, efficient legal and tax advice.

"We use a cutting edge technology platform, working efficiently together from different locations and sharing our knowledge within the team and with our clients".
Our team includes bilingual and dually qualified international attorneys working together through the use of a technology platform to provide first class legal services.   

"We are a team of international bilingual and dually qualified lawyers focused on executing and delivering complex global legal projects on time and on budget".
Any law firm should answer a fundamental question: "What specific value can you bring to our representation?". Our reply rests on specific attributes that help us provide value-for-money and high-quality services to clients and bring something unique to our representation. We identify and illustrate them here below. In preparing our illustration we have focused on what clients think is important, based on our experience and client's feedback. We hope that the information provided below actually addresses what you care most. If there is any suggestion on any additional topics you want to discuss or any ways in which we can improve our services, do not hesitate to let us know.

Our Key Values

We maintain a specific focus on international taxation and business law and global legal projects. We focus on international legal and tax planning and advice for clients engaged in international activities or facing cross border legal issues and problems, with particular emphasis on cross border mergers and acquisitions. U.S.-Italy cross border taxation is one of our niche practices. Thanks to our international head office in New York and our constant contacts with the U.S. legal and tax academia and professional community, we have the opportunity to stay at the forefront in the field and can keep our clients current with the latest developments in the areas of international taxation and business law.
45 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 2000
New York NY 10111 (USA)
9595 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 900
Beverly Hills CA 90212 (USA)
1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 310

Miami, FL 33131, U.S.A.
Via Brigata Liguria, 1/12A
16121 Genoa (Italy)
Corso Vercelli, 11
20144 Milan (Italy)

NEW YORK | 45 Rockefeller Plaza, Suite 2000 | New York NY 10111 (USA) |

LOS ANGELES | 9595 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 900 | Beverly Hills CA 90212 (USA) |

SAN FRANCISCO | One Market Street, Spear Tower, Suite 3600 | San Francisco CA 94105 (USA) |

GENOA | Via Brigata Liguria, 1/12A | 16121 Genoa (Italy) |

MILAN | Corso Vercelli, 11 | 20144 Milan (Italy) |