International Taxation (Tax Treaties, Transfer Pricing, Tax Planning, International Taxation, International Tax Compliance, Tax Reporting, Family Planning, Individual Tax Planning)

If you are a resident person or company with activities, investments or operations abroad or a nonresident person or company with income, investments or operations in the U.S. or Italy, you are confronted with a vast array of legal and international tax issues. The tax treatment of your income, investment or business activities is determined by the application of the internal laws of the country of which you are resident and the foreign host country co-ordinated and limited under any applicable double income tax treaty.

This is the situation of Italian or U.S. domestic companies with investments or operations abroad and foreign companies with investments or operations in the U.S. or Italy, and resident individuals working abroad on a temporary assignment or a more permanent basis or non resident individuals relocating in Italy or the U.S.

Within the EU the legal and tax treatment of a transaction is also affected by EC law, interpreted and enforced by the European Court of Justice, which override the internal laws of EC Member States.

In the absence of adequate advice and planning you may easily end up incurring broader and unexpected tax liabilities or suffering double taxation. When a transaction involves three or more jurisdictions the issues multiply exponentially.

In this challenging area we provide the full range of international tax and legal services for our corporate and individual clients as needed to properly plan cross border activities. In particular we cover the areas described below.


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