"Any one may so arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which will best pay the Treasury; there is not even a patriotic duty to increase one's taxes"
Judge Learned Hand

"Taxes are what we pay for civilized society"

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes
"The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax"

Albert Einstein

Marco Q Rossi & Associati - International Boutique Law Firm, Italy and United States (International Taxation, International Law, International Business and Corporate Law, International Tax Planning U.S., Italy Business and Tax Law)

Consulenza Legale Internazionale

Marco Q. Rossi & Associati is an international boutique law firm headquartered in New York and with offices in the European Union (Genoa and Milan, Italy) and United States (Beverly Hills and Pittsburgh), providing U.S. and Italian international legal services and tax advice to global companies and international individual clients in Italy and the United States. 

We specialize in U.S. and Italian international taxation and business law services for small and mid-sized companies as well as large institutional clients which invest or engage in international business transactions and we assist international individual clients and investors engaged in cross border investment and activities. We advise U.S. and Italian companies expanding their business operations outside of their own home country, Italian and non-U.S. companies doing business with or in the United States, and U.S. and foreign clients investing and doing business in or with Italy.

We also advise international workers, executives and professionals moving across borders on individual international tax issues and international tax compliance and reporting matters in Italy and the United States. We assist Italian and foreign nationals relocating to the United States, American expatriates living in Italy, U.S. and non-Italian nationals moving to Italy on a temporary or indefinite basis, by providing them with pre-immigration or expatriation tax planning and international tax compliance and reporting services and advice.

In the United States, we advise Italian and foreign global companies and "pocket" multinational enterprises which invest and do business with or in the United States through U.S. distributors, sales agents, representative offices, branches and subsidiaries or which engage in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures with U.S. partners; U.S. companies doing business in foreign countries or expanding their business operations overseas, directly or through European holding company structures, and U.S., Italian and other international executives, professionals and individuals taxpayers moving to, living in or assigned and relocating to the United States, whom we help handle their U.S. international tax duties and international tax reporting and compliance obligations. 

In Italy, we assist U.S. and foreign companies doing business with or in Italy with the full set of italian corporate, contract, legal and tax services, and American and foreign nationals dealing with italian tax issues and Italian international tax reporting and compliance obligations, expatriates or foreign nationals living or investing in Italy and subject to Italian international tax reporting rules, foreign workers relocating to Italy and foreign investors in Italian real estate and other assets.  

Our main focus is international legal and tax planning advice on U.S.-Italy cross border matters for Italian individuals and companies with investments, activities or business operations in the United States, serving as outside legal counsel for Italian-owned or controlled U.S. businesses and companies, and U.S.-Italian legal and tax support for U.S. corporate and individual clients in Italy.

We act as a one-stop-shop for U.S. and foreign clients involved in matters connected with Italy and the European Union and Italian clients planning or conducting business activities in the United States, ranging from a one time investment or business transaction to a stable and far reaching business operation.

Marco Rossi, founder and principal of the firm, began practicing law in 1991 in Italy and gradually focused its practice on the area of international taxation and business law. He started his own firm in 1998 and established Marco Q. Rossi & Associati as U.S.-Italy cross border legal and tax practice with offices in New York and Italy in 2005. In 2013, we added our Pittsburgh office with our new member Mark Santo who is responsible for our Global Capital Markets and Strategic Transactions specialty. Our team includes fully bilingual and bicultural attorneys and administrative staff and makes MQR&A a truly international boutique firm exclusively devoted to international legal and tax support for international clients in the global arena.          

The firm's niche practice consists in offering international consultation and planning advice to international business and individual clients in Italy and the United, focusing on legal and tax aspects of international investments, business transactions and activities occurring in or between the U.S., EU and Italy.

We believe that the interests of clients operating across borders or involved in international activities, investments or business transactions in general, and those developing across the border in or between Italy and the U.S., in particular, are well served by attorneys who devote their energies exclusively to the discipline of international taxation and business law, have specific knowledge of the Italian and U.S. legal and tax system and business and cultural practices, and have a fixed presence both in Italy and the U.S., enabling them to effectively serve international clients and master the business and cultural challenges arising from international business transactions.   

We team up with our clients and work personally on their matters providing client-tailored and cost effective services, always with partner-level attention and expertise.

We can provide specific advice on the international legal and tax aspects of a transaction or handle multi-practice and multi-jurisdictional projects, in collaboration with our associated professionals, and we perform the full range of services pertaining to international investments and business transactions, including securities and corporate law, services contractual and commercial law advice, accounting, books and records keeping and tax return preparation and filing and assistance in international commercial litigation, all coordinated under our own supervision  and responsibility.

In our web site we illustrate our areas of practice and services and offer information about our professional background and working experience, both in Italy and the U.S.

The news section and our blog www.euitalianinternationaltax.com are designed to keep our clients, contacts and friends current with the continuous developments in the area of international taxation, which may directly affect their activities. The publication section contains our published articles and presentations on various international tax topics.

We hope you will find this web-site both informative and enjoyable and await your comments and feed-back on any ways we can improve our services and better meet your expectations.

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